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S3S Society and The Carolina Rhetoric Conference

March 2, 2012

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Visit the S3S (Society of the 3rd Sophistic) | Clemson CAAH RCID.

Carolina Rhetoric Conference, RCID, Clemson University, 2012. Be sure to visit this site for the program. This was a fantastic conference with a full array of formats for presentations and events!


RSA Announces Graduate Student Special Event Award

November 5, 2011


RSA is proud to announce that Clemson University’s RSA Student Chapter [RCID] is the sole recipient of the 2011-2012 RSA Graduate Student Special Event Award.  They will receive $2450 in support of the Carolina Rhetoric Conference.

The award committee reviewed numerous proposals for interesting and important graduate student events around the country.  However, Clemson’s proposal distinguished itself by demonstrating a wide-reaching opportunity for graduate students of rhetoric. The award committee was particularly impressed by Clemson’s effort to reach across many graduate programs, to create numerous venues for students’ scholarly and professional development, and to utilize digital technologies creatively.

In February 2012, Clemson’s RSA chapter will host the Carolina Rhetoric Conference (CRC), an annual event that brings together graduate students from North and South Carolina. The CRC provides graduate students in the region with opportunities to share their research, build a network of rhetoric scholars in the Carolinas, and to receive feedback on conference presentations before presenting at major national conventions.  The event is alternatively hosted by RSA chapters at NC State, the University of South Carolina, and Clemson.  This year, Clemson plans to expand the conference by inviting graduate students from additional rhetoric programs.  In addition, they plan to include various networking events, a digital showcase, keynote speakers, workshops, and live blogging during the event followed by a series of round-up blogs after the event.

Society for a 3rd Sophistic

September 25, 2008

S3S, the RCID Student Organization, now has a Blog of its own:

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