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PRE/TEXT Games and Rhetoric Symposium

August 8, 2010

Clemson University
April 8-9, 2010

A special issue forthcoming in the Pre/Text journal on the topic of ‘rhetoric and games’ served as the focus of its working collective of participants during the Games and Rhetoric Symposium organized by Jan Holmevik at Clemson on April 8-9, 2010. Contributors to the journal include Holmevik, Greg Ulmer, Ian Bogost, Victor Vitanza, Steven Katz, Cynthia Haynes, and RCID students Josephine Walwema, Josh Abboud, Sergio Figueiredo, Randy Nichols, as well as Scott Reed of Gwinnett College.

The symposium involved a number of activities. Greg Ulmer visited Jan Holmevik’s two classes, while RCID students met separately with Ian Bogost.

The following day the contributors to the Pre/Text special journal issue met in the morning for a working meeting in which the issue’s themes and trajectory were discussed. In the afternoon, an open lecture was held in Vickery Hall with talks given by Ulmer and Bogost.

That evening a reception was held at Holmevik and Haynes’ home.

Holmevik introduced the event and moderated the discussion afterward. The event was well attended by Clemson faculty and students, as well as others from North Carolina and Georgia. There was a great sense of synergy among the journal collective of contributors, and the students benefited from the informal talks with Ulmer and Bogost during their class. During the working meeting it was decided that at least two journal issues will be forthcoming on the topic of rhetoric and games in the near future.

Speakers: Dr. Gregory Ulmer, University of Florida, Dr. Ian Bogost, Georgia Tech University, and Dr. Jan Rune Holmevik, Clemson University.

Gregory Ulmer is Joseph Beuys Chair at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, and Professor of English and Media Studies at the University of Florida. Ulmer received his PhD. in comparative Literature from Brown University in 1972. His many publications include works such as Applied Grammatology (1985), Teletheory (1989), Heuretics (1994), Internet Invention (2003), and Electronic Monuments (2005). Professor Ulmer is currently at work on a new book titled Avatar Emergency.

Ian Bogost is a video game designer and Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his PhD. in Comparative Literature from UCLA. Dr. Bogost has written several books on games and game theory; Unit Operations (2006), Persuasive Games (2007), and Racing the Beam (2009). In addition, Dr. Bogost has created a number of video games, and he also co-published the popular video game blog Water Cooler Games (2003-2009).

Jan Rune Holmevik is an Assistant Professor of English at Clemson University. He holds a Ph.D. in Humanistic Informatics from the University of Bergen, Norway, 2004. Dr. Holmevik has worked with video games and online communities since 1994, and together with Cynthia Haynes he has published two books in this area, High Wired (1998; 2nd ed. 2001) and Mooniversity (1999). Holmevik is currently at work on a new book On Electracy: The Ludic Post-Literate Transversal.