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RCID pro-motional videos, for phun!

August 12, 2010


… an RCID ad made by the ab-original class, Fall 2005, in the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design Ph.D. program, in CAAH, Clemson U. Listen carefully. Look carelessly!

… a pro-motional ad by Justin Hodgson for the RCID program. This video was shot in Cynthia Haynes’ office. Justin is now an Assistant Professor at U of TX, Austin.


KDM Digital, an Inaugural Event

April 19, 2008

The RCID program with the support of the MATRF is happy to announce that the

> Knowing,

> Doing, and

> Making

> Digital Podcasting System . . .

IS UP & RUNNING. For short, it’s KDM Digital.

Mike Hovan composed the music and performed the opening narration on the podcasts. He also designed the logo for KDM Digital.

Michelle Dacus Carr is the Producer as well as Editor for KDM Digital.

KDM Digital can be found at (You will need iTunes.) When you arrive, there’s no reason to sign in, just click the appropriate Welcome button and enter. What you will find at present are four files:

The inaugural event of the conception of KDM Digital, which was part of a discussion among Tharon Howard (the Director of MATRF), Michelle Dacus Carr, Art Young, Cynthia Haynes, and Victor Vitanza. The historical file is there and ready for you to download and listen to.

Following this dicussion, VjV rebegins his infamously famous Re/Inter/Views (a neologism for interview and review) with two authors, separately and then together. Unlike the previous Re/Inter/Views, developed under the rubric the pre/text conversations, these are more tame and gentle in their exchanges. In fact, they are startups to grander, looser Involutionary events.

The first Re/Inter/View is with Byron Hawk (George Mason U) and his new book A Counter-History of Composition: Toward Methodologies of Complexity (Pitt Comp Literacy Culture), 2007.

The second is with Thomas Rickert (Purdue U) and his Acts of Enjoyment: Rhetoric, Zizek, and the Return of the Subject (Pitt Comp Literacy Culture), 2007.

Thereafter, there’s an open discussion between Byron and Thomas on the “next book.”

Both of these authors/books won the Best Book Awards, 2007, given by the journal JAC.

We are just beginning. There will be more Re/Inter/Views, both infamous & famous. In the near future, please be aware, we will also return to our online Re/Inter/Views, mostly so as to return to the infamous X-changes. Visit

Best to you and your books!

~ Vj V

ps: Ah, KDM Digital has a fan, GVCarter, on YouTube.