RCID Research Forum, AY 2011-2012


The Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design doctoral Program, with the support of the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities, gives thanks to all of our colleagues who made presentations to both Students and Faculty attending the RCID Research Forum, AY 2011-2012

Fall Semester, 2011

1. Brian McGrath, Department of English. The title of his presentation was “Dead Men Running.”

2. The Four Amigos, Department of English: David Blakesley, Cynthia Haynes, Jan Holmevik, and Victor Vitanza. They spoke of their various “High Wired Redux sequels that are forthcoming in the Cybertext Yearbook.”

3. Kayrn Jones, Department of Communication Studies. The title: “Research on Parenting Children with Disabilities: Communication, Identity, and Social Support.”

4. Sam Fredrick, Department of Languages. The title: “The Utopian Narrative Space of Gerhard Meier’s Toteninsel.”

5. Sydney Cross, Department of Art. The title: “Cultural Strata.”

6. Travers Scott, Department of Communication Studies. The title: “Killer Apps and Sick Users: Patterns in Pathological Technoculture.”

Spring Semester, 2012

7. Michael LeMathieu, Department of English. The title: “The Erasure of Logical Positivism in American Literature.”

8. Joe Mazer, Department of Communication  Studies. The title: “Communication, Social Media, and Interpersonal Relationships: Productive and Problematic Implications for Relational Closeness and Well-Being Outcomes.”

9. Elizabeth Rivlin, Department of English. The title: “Adapting Shakespeare: Trauma, Ethics, and Knowledge.”

10. Armando Montilla, School of Architecture. The title: ” ‘Unrooting’ the American Dream: Exiling the Ethnospace in the midst of Urban Fractality.”

11. Joseph Mai, Department of Languages. The title: “Vulnerability, Shame, Pastoral: Animals in Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness (or Why We Humans Should Gouge Out Our Eyes).”

12. Beth Anne Lauritis, Department of Art. The title: “Art exhibition as discourse: Lucy Lippard’s politics of visibility.”

Thank you all!The RCID Research Forum will return in August for the AY 2012-2013.


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