Seven Strange Attractors: How to Repent! And Be Unbaptized!


Jimmy Butts’ Defense of Exams, Feb. 29th. An occasion to remember! The defense began with a reception … Jimmy with Stephen Lind (pic below) :

Jimmy’s dissertation topic explores how Victor Shklovsky’s concept of defamiliarization functions rhetorically across different forms of composition and media.  The ethics underlying his writing works against the flood of totalizing immersive media when they elicit only automatic or anesthetized responses from their contemporary audiences.  The project hopes to complicate expectations of standardization by seeing both potential and problems in normative and unusual compositions. He will work through seven forms of inventional strategies for strangeness including figural shifts in media, time traveling, replacement, addition & subtraction, negation, glossolalia, and exponentiation.

Here is Cynthia Haynes, the Chair of Jimmy’s committee, opening the defense:

The Studio room was changed to match the mood of the topics on the exams.

The Defense (snapshots):

Congratulations, Jimmy! (vjv)


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