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European Graduate School, June 2011

September 10, 2011

This year’s visiting scholars to the European Graduate School (EGS) were second year RCID student Jared Colton and fourth year RCID candidate Nicole McFarlane. They attended the June session seminars in Media and Communication. Although this session took place in the days leading up to the solstice, the Clemson RCID contingent arrived to find a landscape with little resemblance to balmy Carolina summers. Freshly fallen snow covered the landscape.

The video below features excerpts from the six seminars that Nicole and Jared attended. Courses included “Art, Community, and Freedom” by Jean-Luc Nancy; “Derrida”: Hospitality and Cosmopolitanism” by Diane Davis; “Justice in Language” by Werner Hamacher; “Lyotard: Hesitating Thought” by Victor J. Vitanza; “Literary Cinema: the Transformation of Thought” by Volker Schlöndorff; and “Deleuze: Science and History” by Manuel DeLanda.

The EGS Experience from Jared on Vimeo.

Favorite Italian Restaurant: The chocolate truffles were to die for.

Jean-Luc Nancy was kind enough to pose for a photo with Nicole.

Manuel DeLanda strikes a playful stance with Jared upon the conclusion of his seminar on Deleuze.

Derrida seminar with Diane Davis and EGS students.