RCID Research Forum, AY 2010-11


The RCID program along with the CAAH thanks our faculty-colleagues for their presentations of research for the AY 2010-11.

–Fall 2010

Bryan Denham, Department of Communication Studies: “Mass Communication and Deviance Amplification: Conceptual Processes.”

Tharon Howard, Department of English: “Who Watches the Watchmen: Evaluating Multimodal Scholarship in the Academy.”

Christina Hung, Department of Art: “Peripatetic Looking: Making the Image and Its Situation.”

Jan Holmevik, Department of English: “The Electrate Ludic Transversal.”

Linda Li-Bleuel, Department of Performing Arts: “Lucie Robert’s 10 + 1: A Landmark Work in the Creation of a Performance Medium.”

–Spring 2011

Steve Katz, Department of English, “Plato’s Nightmare: Poetry in an Age of Electracy?”

Barton Palmer, Department of English: “Textual Multiplicities and the Auteur Theory: Some Thoughts on Genette and Jameson”

Diane Perpich, Department of Philosophy and Religion: “Heidegger’s Contribution to Social Ontology.”

Susanna Ashton, Department of English: “South Carolina Slave Narratives.”

Martha Skinner, Department of Architecture: “CiTy-SCAN: The Sensual and Scientific Notation of the Human Body and the City Body”

Johannes Schmidt, Department of Languages: “Resisting theory: 18th-century German theater and the education of the masses.”


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