Clemson Lectures in Theory and Criticism (CLTC)


Our inaugural speaker was Cathy Caruth, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Comparative Literature at Emory University and distinguished scholar of trauma theory.

Professor Caruth delivered her lecture, “After the End: Psychoanalysis in the Ashes of History,” on Thursday, September 30th at 5 pm in Daniel Hall’s Class of 1941 Studio. Her lecture focused on the writings of French philosopher Jacques Derrida as well as Sigmund Freud’s reading of Gradiva, a novel about Pompeii by Willhelm Jensen.

In “After the End,” Caruth explored the ways in which philosophy and literature bear witness to a past buried in the ashes of history.

She also agreed to lead a seminar for faculty and students on her work on the philosopher Hannah Arendt.

The CLTC is supported with funds from the Humanities Advancement Board.


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