Nicole McFarlane Attends IWCA Summer Institute


International Writing Center
Association Summer Institute 2010

Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
25-30 July 2010

For the week of July 25-30, 60 Writing Center faculty, staff, and administration professionals from across the globe met at the International Writing Center Association Summer Institute (IWCA SI) 2010.  Hosted by the University of Oklahoma amid a lakeside view at the Quartz Mountain Resort Arts and Conference Center, cohorts hailed from North America, Europe, and the Middle East to share stories and hike mountain trails while also attending workshops and sessions that explored writing center pedagogy and disciplinary practices.

The Summer Institute participants discussed an array of topics regarding issues arising from student/tutor perceptions of what it means to share writing center work, thus connecting communities of writers from across our educational landscapes.  During the course of the institute, breakout groups used improvisation to discuss the value of Writing Center environments that invites individuals from all social and language backgrounds as well as academic and physical abilities.  Through creative free-writes, we explored the imbrications of research, tenure, and program assessment.  Collaborative teams learned best practices for institutions and individuals that prove necessary and productive to the project of Writing Center epistemology.

We roasted s’mores by the campfire and played cards, and of course we talked to each other about our writing.  We fostered community and strategized ways of strengthening our profession at the IWCA SI.  Above all, we declared that we would move forward and determine new ways that Writing Centers matter.

To the left of Nicole, in the middle, is Michele Eodice, Executive Director of Learning, Teaching, & Writing at the University of Oklahoma and to the right is Lori A. Salem, Director of the Writing Center at Temple University. Together they co-chaired the IWCA SI.

Nicole McFarlane


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