RCID Student Placement, Spring 2010


The RCID program had seven students on the job market this spring. We are happy to say that they all have positions:

Michelle Dacus Carr has an Associate Professor tenured position in English at Alabama State U. (She may be moving.) Diss: “Black and White and Read in Profile: Rhetorics of Silhouette in Toni Morrison, Flannery O’Connor, and Kara Walker.” (Director, Victor J. Vitanza)

Jason Helms has a Post-Doctorate Scholar position as the Assistant Director of Writing, Rhetoric, Digital Media at U of Kentucky. Diss: “Rhiz|Comics: The Structure, Sign, and Play of Image and Text.” (Director, Victor J. Vitanza)

Joshua Hilst has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Basic Composition at Utah Valley University. Diss: “Time and Cinematics in the Age of Rhetorical Memory.” (Director, Cynthia Haynes)

Xiaoli Li has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in English at Western Carolina U. Diss: forthcoming. (Director, Sean Williams)

Steven Thompson has a Visiting-Professor position at Towson U. Diss: “Rhetorics of Iconics: New Media Informatics, Terrorism, and Cybersemiotics.” (Director, Steve Katz)

Mark Ward has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Communication Studies at University of Houston-Victoria. Diss: “Deadly Documents: Technical Communication, Organizational Discourse, and the Holocaust.” (Director, Steve Katz)

Dan Wu has a position at Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, People’s Republic of China. Diss: “Introducing WAC/CXC into China: Feasibility and Adaptation.” (Co-Directors: Andy Billings and Art Young)


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