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Randy Nichols and CLAM

July 30, 2010

Randy Nichols along with Tharon Howard and Constancio Nakuma, are recognized in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Clemson University has developed a unique, new course entitled, “Cultural Literacies Across Media” or CLAM for short, and the course is beginning to receive national recognition, as evidenced by a story which appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education on July 22, 2010CLAM is a unique course designed to help students studying abroad to utilize the power of multimodal compositions in order to better understand other cultures. Taught by Randy Nichols whose RCID dissertation research contributed important content for the CLAM curriculum, the course not only teaches students how to produce their own multimodal compositions in social media, it also utilizes the power of multimodalities to deliver the course content in an entirely online form. Using cameras, Camtasia Studio, and other resources in the MATRF, Randy (with support from Tharon Howard and thanks to a generous grant in 2009-10 from the Provost’s Office) produced a series of online learning modules which study-abroad students can access anywhere in the world at their convenience. Throughout the course, students interact with one another via the CLAM Soup blogsite which Randy maintains at  Many of the students’ final projects can be viewed at the CLAM Soup blog, or they are also posted on the Office of International Affairs’YouTube channel.


RCID Student Placement, Spring 2010

July 28, 2010

The RCID program had seven students on the job market this spring. We are happy to say that they all have positions:

Michelle Dacus Carr has an Associate Professor tenured position in English at Alabama State U. (She may be moving.) Diss: “Black and White and Read in Profile: Rhetorics of Silhouette in Toni Morrison, Flannery O’Connor, and Kara Walker.” (Director, Victor J. Vitanza)

Jason Helms has a Post-Doctorate Scholar position as the Assistant Director of Writing, Rhetoric, Digital Media at U of Kentucky. Diss: “Rhiz|Comics: The Structure, Sign, and Play of Image and Text.” (Director, Victor J. Vitanza)

Joshua Hilst has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Basic Composition at Utah Valley University. Diss: “Time and Cinematics in the Age of Rhetorical Memory.” (Director, Cynthia Haynes)

Xiaoli Li has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in English at Western Carolina U. Diss: forthcoming. (Director, Sean Williams)

Steven Thompson has a Visiting-Professor position at Towson U. Diss: “Rhetorics of Iconics: New Media Informatics, Terrorism, and Cybersemiotics.” (Director, Steve Katz)

Mark Ward has a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the Department of Communication Studies at University of Houston-Victoria. Diss: “Deadly Documents: Technical Communication, Organizational Discourse, and the Holocaust.” (Director, Steve Katz)

Dan Wu has a position at Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, People’s Republic of China. Diss: “Introducing WAC/CXC into China: Feasibility and Adaptation.” (Co-Directors: Andy Billings and Art Young)