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RCID Research Forum, AY 2009-2010

May 4, 2010

The RCID Program (participating faculty and students) would like to thank the faculty in the CAAH for making presentations on their research in progress.

Thank you all! You serve as exemplars for all of us. …

Next AY we will continue to offer the RCID Research Forum, on alternate Mondays along with our three Colloquia on “Theory/Criticism,” “Serious Games,” and “Body/Materiality.” We hope to include faculty from other Colleges.

The purpose of the RCID Research Forum is to promote cultures of research across the College as well as collegial relationships among the faculty and students.

The presenters:

Fall/Spring 2009-2010 Schedule, RCID Research Forum

Todd May (Philosophy)
“Friendship as Resistance”

Catherine Paul (English)
“Can a Poet be a Traitor?”

Jeff Love (Languages)
“Novel Infinities: War and Peace and 2666”

Stephanie Barczewski (History)
“Does Britishness Have to Be British?: Country Houses, Empire and the Hybridity of British National Identity”

Kate Hawkins (Communication Studies)
“Media framing of news regarding childhood obesity.”

Ted Cavanagh (Architecture)
“Diversity and the Social Construction of Invention in Wood Housing Technology.”

Cynthia Haynes (English)
“Post-Conflict Pedagogy: Writing in the Stream of Hearing.”

Lee Morrissey (English)
“Technologie und Weltliteratur.”

Andy Billings (Communication Studies)
“The Mega within the Niche: Sports Television and the Scope of Narrative”

Aga Skrodzka-Bates (English)
“Grounding Cinema: Issues of Locality in East Central European Film.”

Mark Charney (Performing Arts)
“The Politics of Ensemble Research: Studies in Ambroise Vollard and Thomas
Green Clemson”

Anderson Wrangle (Art)

Andrea Feeser (Art)
“Beginning a Dialogue on Art, Post-Pedagogy, and Post-Hermeneutics”

… to be continued …