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RCID @ Georgia Tech, Serious Games

October 31, 2009

The RCID Serious Games Colloquium meeting on Monday, Oct 19, featured a presentation by Josh Hilst entitled “Gaming with Protocol: Control and Serious Games.” Hilst discussed Alexander Galloway’s work in Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization and Galloway and Eugene Thacker’s The Exploit: A Theory of Networks as related to serious games and the narratology/ludology skirmish in game studies research.


On Tuesday, Oct 20, a group of 11 RCID students, 2 MAPC students, Jan Holmevik, and Cynthia Haynes, attended the much anticipated reprise of the 1999 Digital Arts and Culture Conference debate between Espen Aarseth and Janet Murray.

Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech organized and moderated the session, which included talks by Aarseth (IT-University of Copenhagen), Murray (Georgia Tech), and Fox Harrell, Assistant Professor of Digital Media in their School of Literature, Communication, and Culture. The debate, billed as “How to Think about Narrative and Interactivity,” revisited the historical conflict between narratology and ludology launched at the ‘99 DAC conference at Georgia Tech. Aside from Aarseth and Murray, Haynes and Holmevik were the only other attendees present at the ‘99 event. View the video of last week’s roundtable session (note how the RCID contingent filled half the room!). See the post on Ian Bogost’s blog about the event.






Photos: Jan with Espen, the GA Tech session, and the RCID people at the event.

Next meeting, Monday, Nov. 2nd, with talk about RCID, Serious Games Colloquium, and WOW

For additional news and lists of readings see, the Serious Games Colloquium website link to this fall’s schedule.


Nicole Snell attends AnimeExpo(AX)

October 10, 2009

The AnimeExpo(AX) 2009 Convention: Better than Disneyland and Cheaper too!


Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

Date: July 2-5 2009

Attendance: 44,000 +

Background: The AnimeExpo (AX), the largest convention of its type in the US, is put on by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation SPJA (known more commonly by its entertainment property Anime Expo) which is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and encourage interest in the American public about anime, manga, and the culture from which they stem, while also providing a forum to facilitate communication between artists and professionals within the Japan animation/manga field and their fans. In addition to the Anime Expo, SPJA has sponsored and facilitated several different projects over the years such as but not limited to:

1) The publication of the Anime Reference Guide (ARG) which provides information about current anime series.

2) a website that contains information about new series, reviews, and artist interviews – a popular site back in its hey-day.

3) Fandom Industry Management Reception, an event that serves as a “meet and greet” to facilitate collaboration between professionals within the Japan animation/manga circuit. Past attendees include representatives from Anime Boston, ComicCon, and Sakuracon to name a few.

The Convention:

For some it was simply a reason to get dressed up, a second Halloween if you will. But, for the majority of attendees at the AnimeExpo it was an opportunity to express and cultivate their loyalty to manga/anime by stepping into their favorite character’s shoes, attending panels about their favorite series, and celebrating their interest and involvement in a culture that more often than not coasts beneath the mainstream’s radar.

During the four day convention, attendees were provided numerous panels, lectures with keynote speakers from the industry such as Seiji Mizushima (Appleseed: Ex Machina), trading card tournaments, guest of honor signings (one of which was “Afro Samurai’s” Takashi Okazaki!), game rooms for the gamers, and even a Masquerade Ball. Aside from the organized events, attendees had access to a floor of over 100 vendors with merchandise to sell ranging from original artwork from popular series and new anime/manga DVD releases yet to hit the American market to fetishwear. In addition and the most appealing to me, aside from the Takashi Okazaki signing of course, were the life-sized models of weaponry on display and handled by their corresponding characters. Add to the above the creative displays of attendees such as a female manga character playing a violin in the hallway, several series specific processions of anime/manga characters, and dated Power Rangers striking old school hip-hop poses and the convention as a whole is a fun-filled time that amounts to an experience much more exciting, memorable, educational, and cheaper than say … a trip to Disneyland.

club chickgunner chicksword

~ Nicole Snell ~

Intermedia Meeting of the Minds

October 10, 2009

A ‘Serious Play’ Day


iMM_2009 Inaugural Event, November 11, 2009, Clemson University MATRF, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Call for Participation, Submission deadline: Monday, October 19 to Cynthia Haynes,

Students in the Master’s of Art in Professional Communication (MAPC) and the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design (RCID) programs invite proposals for brief presentations to be given at the inaugural “Intermedia Meeting of the Minds: A ‘Serious Play Day’ for User-Experience Professionals.” iMM_2009 is a celebration of World Usability Day, and thus seeks to bring people together to consider tools and issues central to user-experience research and design. The event will be held in Clemson University’s Multimedia Authoring and Teaching Facility (MATRF, 409 Daniel Hall) on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 from 9:30am – 3:30 pm. The purpose of this industry-academia consortium is to explore how social media, serious gaming, and related rich media techniques can inform and improve user-experiences in Web 2.0 environments.

iMM_2009 will include two sessions. In the morning, invited user-experience professionals will give brief presentations on interfaces that they believe utilize Web 2.0 technologies to an exemplary degree. After the presentations, an open-ended discussion of the interfaces will attempt to articulate patterns or best practices that attendees can take with them and refer back to when making or evaluating their own designs in the future.

The afternoon session will feature the invited speakers serving as consultants or mentors to the accepted graduate students. In a format similar to CCCC’s Research Network Forum (RNF), students will be paired with UX professionals.  Beginning with a brief account of the student’s research and ending with tips, insight, and a widened frame of reference, these round-table discussions will offer students a unique opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn from some of the best and most experienced UX professionals in the southeast.

Graduate students are thus invited to submit 250 – 350 word abstracts regarding on-going or proposed research situated at the intersection of social media, serious gaming, and related technologies and that is engaged in significantly applied research of these realms. Acceptance is limited and highly competitive; students are encouraged to submit work for consideration before the October 19th deadline. Please email proposals to Cynthia Haynes at

Retrospection: From Spring 2008 to Spring 2009

October 1, 2009

‘Tis time to recollect, to turn back to see how we have moved forward in the RCID doctoral program. Here are the events of students’ various achievements toward completing their degrees:

macarthur Mac McArthur, Ph.D., Spring 2008,
successfully defended his dissertation and has taken a tenure-track assistant professorship in the School of Communication, at Queens University of Charlotte, in NC.

hodgsonsm Justin Hodgson, Ph.D., Spring 2009,
successfully defended his dissertation and has taken a tenure-track assistant professorship at UT-Austin, in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing.

booher Amanda K. Booher, Fall 2009,
successfully defended her dissertation (with graduation in Fall 2009) and has taken a tenure-track assistant professorship at Texas Tech U, Department of English, Technical Communication.

pix_dacus Michelle Dacus Carr, Spring, 2008,
successfuly defended her exams and is currently writing her dissertation.

pix_morton Keith Morton, Spring, 2009,
successfully defended his exams and is currently writing his dissertation.

pix_helmsJason Helms, Spring, 2009,
successfully defended his exams and is currently writing his dissertation, 3 chapters completed.

pix_hilst Josh Hilst, Spring, 2009,
successfully defended his exams and is currently writing his dissertation, 3 chapters completed.

ward Mark Ward, Spring, 2009,
successfuly defended his exams and is currently writing his dissertation, 3 chapters completed.

pix_thompson Steven John Thompson, Spring, 2009, successfully defended his exams and is currently writing his dissertation.

~ RCID Rocks