ATTW & CCCC presentations, 2009


Students and Faculty in the RCID Program combined presentations @

the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) conference and

the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Both in San Francisco, March 2009

* * *

Abboud, Joshua. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Booher, Amanda K. “Communicating With/In Technologized Bodies.” ATTW.

Ding, Huiling. “Genre Analysis of Case Definitions of SARS: Is Medical Knowledge Culturally Contingent or Universally Applicable?” CCCC.

Dinolfo, John. Presenter, Research Network Forum, CCCC.

Figueiredo, Sergio. “acCOMICating Science.” CCCC.

—. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Fishman, Teddi. “Wii Wave: Riding the Waves Shaping our Digital Communicative Acts.” CCCC.

Hodgson, Justin. “Writing with Light: Surfing Electronic/Digital Wave (or particle) to Scholarship.” CCCC.

Hatter, Alicia. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Hatter, Alicia, Tharon Howard, and Randy Nichols. “Composing, Communicating and Evaluating Digital Scholarship in 21st-century Contexts.” Panel. ATTW.

Haynes, Cynthia. “Casuistic Code.” CCCC.

___. Serious Games SIG Leader. CCCC.

Helms, Jason. “Figure, Discourse: Postcritical Comics.” CCCC.

Hilligoss, Susan. “What Are Students Really Learning from Textbooks? Creating Effective Pedagogy Through User-Experience Design.” CCCC.

Hilst, Joshua C. “Gutter Talk: Another Idiom of Rhetoric.” CCCC.

Howard, Tharon. “Evaluating 21-Century Digital Scholarship.” ATTW

___. “How Students Really Learn from Textbooks: A 50,000′ View of Four Usability Studies.” CCCC.

Katz, Steve. “The Evolution of Technological Relations: A New Ethics?” ATTW.

—. “The Ancient Hebrew Bible as Rhetorical Propedeutic: The Hermeneutic Principles of Rabbis and Mystics in Ancient Judah.” CCCC.

Li, Xiaoli. “Making waves in the age of globalization–alternative approaches to teaching intercultural communication in an upper-level writing class.” CCCC.

Newbold, Curtis. “Reframing the Creative Process for Technical Communication.” ATTW.

Nichols, Randy. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Vitanza, Victor J. “The Curious Case of Rhetorics of Histories.” CCCC.

___. Table Discussion Leader, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Walwema, Josephine. “Composing argument: what comics can teach the composition scholar.”

___. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Wang, Lin. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Ward, Mark, Sr. “The Ethic of Exigence: Information Design, Postmodern Ethics, and the Holocaust.” ATTW.

___. “Revisiting ‘The Ethic of Expediency’: New Perspectives on
Technical Communication and the Holocaust.” CCCC.

___. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.

Williams, Sean. “What Can Technical Communication Learn From a Good Conversation?”

Wu, Dan. Presenter, Research Network Forum. CCCC.


Alicia Hatter, Josephine Walwema,

Joshua Abboud, Sergio Figueiredo



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