Women’s Commission Honors …


Amanda Booher, a Ph.D. student in the interdisciplinary Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design program (RCID), was named the outstanding graduate student. amandaegs Her research focuses on bodies, specifically on theorizing the relationship between bodies and technologies through prosthetics. Throughout her college experience, she has studied and worked on gender issues, working as the interim director of Case Western Reserve’s Women’s Center and counseling and teaching sex ed at a women’s clinic in Cleveland. At Clemson, Booher has been an active member of the Women’s Studies committee, serving as the graduate representative for the past two years and teaching women’s studies courses. She is a co-founder of VOX, a student organization committed to promoting women’s rights and sexual health. Elisa Sparks, director of the Women’s Studies program, said Booher’s bald head, caused by the autoimmune condition alopecia, is part of her power as a role model. “It makes her instantly recognizable and memorable,” said Sparks, “but she carries this notoriety with noticeable grace, assuring other women that there is no shame in looking different, and that energy and intelligence and empathy are the most important elements of achievement.”

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