Serious Games, SIG CCCC, SF, ’09


Announcing a Special Interest Group at CCCC in San Francisco on “Serious Games.”

Session: FSIG.22 on March 13, 2009 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


This special interest group will focus on the study and  application of serious games relative to communication, rhetoric, and creative expression. ‘Serious games’ is defined by a variety of game platforms, designs, and purposes. While the obvious “serious” application of games is for education (and training), many games are studied rhetorically as a means of critiquing broader cultural phenomena. Thus, this SIG is designed to concern both theoretical and practical aspects of “serious games,” and build a community of rhetoric and composition game studies scholars, designers, and users. As a new SIG, we aim to build this community through collaborative and open source social technologies that support both game play and enable teaching and communication practices.

Our combined experience with such systems over the past 13 years, and our connections with both U.S. and international game studies scholars and journals gives us an important basis for forming this group. We developed Lingua MOO in 1995 and the enCore system on which many MOOs are still based. Most recently, we have organized the Serious Games Colloquium of the new Rhetoric, Communication, and Information Design PhD program at Clemson University (Directed by Victor Vitanza). And we recently spent a year teaching in the Computer Game studies research center at IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are also on the editorial board of both GameStudies e-journal and the Sage Publication journal, Games and Culture. We plan to form this SIG as a research collective studying various serious games such as America’s Army, Second Life, World of Warcraft, and other massively multi-player games.

During this second Serious Games SIG there will be a discussion of the Clemson RCID Serious Games Colloquium and Clemson’s new gaming-across-the-curriculum initiative. At CCCC 2008 in New Orleans we held the first Serious Games SIG meeting, and had a good size audience. Discussion for the 2009 CCCC SIG on Serious Games will also involve collaboration on game designs, machinima videos made from game footage, and demos of game research projects. Co-chairs are Cynthia Haynes and Jan Holmevik of Clemson University’s RCID PhD program (Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design).

Hope you can join us!

Best wishes,

Cynthia Haynes and Jan Holmevik


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