Fall, ’08, Exams passed/Disses TBD


This Fall (2008), Michelle, Jason, Keith, and Joshua–all third-year students–completed their exams and are moving full time on to their dissertations.


Michelle Dacus Carr‘s dissertation title is “Black and White and Read in Profile: Rhetorics of Silhouette in Toni Morrison, Flannery O’Connor, and Kara Walker.” Chair: Victor Vitanza. Commiteee, Andrea Feeser, Art Young, Christina Hung, and Lewis R. Gordon (Philosophy, Temple U).

Dissertation Primary Area: Metarhetorics
Secondary Area1: visual rhetorics (the silhouette)
Secondary Area2: race rhetorics


Jason Helms‘ dissertation title is “Rhiz|Comics: The Structure, Sign, and Play of Image and Text.” Chair: Victor Vitanza. Committee, Andrea Feeser, Christina Hung, and Cynthia Haynes. And sequential arts consultant: Jonathan Hickman.

Dissertation Primary Area: Comics/Graphic Novels
Secondary Area1: Grammatologies (Ulmer, Derrida, Ronell, Kittler, etc)
Secondary Area2: Games and Hypermedia (both Entertainment and Serious)


Keith Morton‘s dissertation title is “Emancipation Animation: Educational Value of Vicarious Immersion.” (On Machinima) Chair, Tharon Howard. Committee: Cynthia Haynes, Mark Charney, Dan Wueste

Dissertation Primary: Machinima
Secondary: Film Studies
Secondary: Educational Technology


Joshua Hilst‘s dissertation title is “Time and Cinematics in the Age of Rhetorical Memory.” Chair: Cynthia Haynes. Committee: Christina Hung, Todd May, Victor Vitanza

Dissertation Primary Area: Rhetoric and Composition
Secondary Area1: Critical Theory
Secondary Area2: Cinematic Arts


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