From Exams to Dissertations


This Spring (2008), Justin and Amanda completed their exams and are moving on to their dissertations. The RCID exams include three written exams and an oral, multimedia presentation of the dissertation area and issue. Both Justin and Amanda will defend their dissertations in the Spring 2009.

Justin Hodgson’s dissertation title is “Logos of Possibilities: Rhetorical Inventions/Inventional Rhetorics” (Chair, Victor Vitanza)

Dissertation Primary Area: Rhetorical Invention

Secondary Area1: Electronic Discourse

Secondary Area2: Critical/Cultural Theories

Amanda K. Booher’s is “Composing the Prosthetic Body: Sampling and Remixing Constructions of Flesh and Technology” (Chair, Todd May)

Dissertation Primary Area: Composing the Body

Secondary Area1: Medical Rhetorics and Prosthetics

Secondary Area2: Constructing the Body

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