The Future of the Dissertation


Justin Hodgson, Ph.D. candidate, RCID, has been invited to participate in ~the Institute for the Future of the Book workshop~ on Sophie* at USCal, Los Angeles. Specifically he will be working with a group in the Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML) in the School of Cinematic Arts. For four days, May 27-30. (He of course has accepted.) This is Bob Stein’s project that has been funded by the Macarthur Foundation and the Mellon Foundation. This group is one segment of the Consortium that the RCID program has been developing with others. It’s beginning to payoff already. Only two people in the country are invited to this workshop. There will be a followup workshop in August that Justin will attend again so that he can make a report.

Justin will be writing/developing his dissertation both in print literacy, to be submitted to the CU GS, and in electronic literacy (in Sophie), to demonstrate the differences between paper/pdf files and a multimedia dissertation that still meets all the required scholarly conventions of a “dissertation.” As far as we know, only Virginia Kuhn (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) and one other person have developed/”written” and produced their dissertations in a multimedia format. VK did hers in TK3, which was a forerunner of Sophie. She now teaches and conducts research at USCal in the IML.

*Sophie is a stand-alone media assemblage application that allows for every mode of media communications: pix, audio, video, etc. It is free and open source.

More news forthcoming. Stay tuned. Check the RCID program Blog. Also know that we are sending two RCID students (Amanda Booher and Joshua Abboud) to the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland, where they will study with major film directors, Continental philosophers, media historians, etc. This connection, too, is part of our Consortium. We will have news from them when they return.

RCID Rocks! Bestest,
~Vj V~


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