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Communication and Digital Culture VI:

~ ~ ~ We Are the Strange . . .

The object/s of post-criticism were M Dot Strange and the film We Are the Strange:

– Jason Helms, “iStr8ne: Electracy in We Are the Strange

– Keith Morton, “The People’s Aesthetic: The Use of 8-bit Graphics and Videogame Culture in M dot Strange’s We Are the Strange

– Joshua Abboud, “Digital Fairy Tales: Narrative Nostalgia and the Violence of Childhood Fantasies in We Are the Strange

Keith took on formal aspects, I looked at the narrative, and Jason took turns discussing portions of our papers that were similar in order to create a more fluid and integrated spoke about it in terms of electracy. We presentation. Clips played on the screen while we spoke and we referred to them when appropriate. For the most part our sections synced up well enough to mimic the integration of all three aspects in the film itself. It was fun to prepare and execute a presentation appropriate for the topic. ~ Josh Abboud


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