Conference Presentations, CCCC and ATTW


The RCID Students and Faculty made multiple presentations this April, ’08, at the College Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC) and the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing Conference (ATTW) in New Orleans. (Top Right: Keith Morton @ the St. Martin, Bedford Publisher’s party, New Orleans Aquarium. Bottom Right: Amanda Booher, Alicia Hatter, and Randy Nichols.)

Dev Bose, “Sophistic Influences on Marxist Rhetorics” (Research Network Forum)

Michelle Dacus Carr, “Rhetorics of the Silhouette in the Work of Kara Walker” (RNF)

Alicia Hatter, Randy Nichols, Wu Dan, and Tharon Howard composed a panel on “Creating A User-Experience Through an ‘Interpellation Research Instrument’ for Giving Websites.”

Cynthia Haynes, “Cities of Rendition: Interrogation on/of the Extrajudicial Edge”

Jason Helms, “Cold Fusion: From Orality to Electracy and Beyond” (RNF)

Jason Helms, “300: From Cool Comic to Cool Film”

Susan Hilligoss, “Multimodal Usability 101”

Josh Hilst, “Inventional Cinematics” (RNF)

Justin Hodgson, “Professional Rhetorics: Rethinking Communication and Composition”

Jan Holmevik, Cynthia Haynes, and Jason Helms, FSIG.22 Serious Games. Jason demonstrated his game based on J. Derrida’s article “Structure, Sign, and Play.”

Tharon Howard, “A Usability Study of Visual and Verbal Approaches to Writing Handbooks”

Tharon Howard, “RIBS: Four Criteria for Meeting the Affective Dimensions of Social Networks”

Steven Katz, “God as Ultimate Sophist: The Tension of Inscription and Absence in the Hebrew Bible”

Steven Katz, “A Meditation on ‘Usability’ ”

Xiaoli Li, “New perspectives on intercultural theories and pedagogical methods to connect global and local communities: A scenario-based approach to teaching international/intercultural professional communication” (Won the prize for longest title!)

Keith Morton, “Intercultural New Media and Pedagogy” (RNF)

Barbara Ramirez, “Archives in the Digital Age” (RNF)

Summer Smith Taylor, “Effects of Studio Space on Teaching and Learning of Writing”

Steve Thompson, “Recognizing Rhetoriconics: The Strategic Positing of Rhetorics for Iconic Media” (RNF)

Victor J. Vitanza, “Cities of the Living (‘Reversible Destinies’)”

Sean Williams, “The Ethics of Experience Design: Changing the Value
Propositions in Technical Communication”

Art Young, FSIGO9: Meeting of the International Network of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs

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PS: RCID Rocks!


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