The NCA Annual Conference, 2007


Chicago lived up to its title as “the Windy City” this November 15-18 for the National Communication Association Annual Conference. This year’s theme was “Communicating Worldviews: Faith-Intellect-Ethics.” RCID-ers Keith Morton, Alicyn Butler, and I attended and presented papers at the event. It was certainly a fun time of year to be in Chicago: The stores along Michigan Avenue’s “Miracle Mile” were all unveiling their holiday displays (indeed they are all rich texts for rhetorical analysis) and on Saturday night, the Chicago parade and lighting of the trees down Michigan Avenue added another glimpse of the upcoming holiday season.

keith2.jpgThe NCA Annual Conference boasted over 1200 sessions of quality papers and presentations covering rhetoric and culture, mass communication, pedagogy, and methodology, to name a few. Sessions focused on the communicative aspects of everything from political discourse to health promotion and the Biltmore Estate to Second Life.

On a personal note, this conference afforded me the opportunity to mac.jpegmeet and interact with the top scholars, leading researchers, and journal editors in the field of instructional communication, many of whom are listed among the references in my dissertation. Clemson University and the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design program were well-represented at the conference.

RCID Student Papers:
Alicyn Butler presented a paper entitled “Encouraging Eating Disorder Interventions: The Role of Symbolic Modeling and Verbal Persuasion on Self-Efficacy and Behavioral Intentions.”

J.A. McArthur presented a paper entitled “Engaging Information Design: Re-considering the User’s Experience.”

Keith Morton presented a paper entitled “Accommodation of People First Language” as part of the Disability Caucus.

RCID Faculty Papers & Presentations:
Andy Billings‘ paper “Conveying the Olympic Message: NBC Producer and Sportscaster Interviews Regarding the Role of Identity” was selected as a Top Four Competitive Paper by the NCA Mass Communication Division. Dr. Billings also presented two other papers entitled: “Producing the Olympic Games: A Theoretical Account of NBC Interviews on Storytelling and the Conveyance of Identity-Oriented Messages” and “Gendered Discourse in the Olympic Telecast: A Longitudinal Analysis.”

Bryan Denham presented two papers entitled: “Ordinal Response Measures in Health Communication Research: Logit and Probit Analyses as Alternatives to Ordinary Least Squares Regression” and “Headlining the Head-Butt: Zinedine Zidane/Marco Materazzi Portrayals in Prominent English, Irish, and Scottish Newspapers.”

Kate Hawkins presented at a short course entitled “Communicating Science: Making Connections and Exploring Collaborations” and as a roundtable participant in ” ‘My Freshman Year’ – Revisited: Student Culture, the Public University and American Culture.”


~ Mac McArthur


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