RCID: Knowing, Doing, and Making


A Sampling of Making (Producing)….

In the Core and Cognate seminars all students are expected to work in different media. While there is always a major project of a 20-page paper emphasizing knowing-doing (theory-practice-producing exclusively in print cultures), students are also expected to work in multimodal genres, i.e., with re/mixes of analog and digital audio, print, and visual cultures. Often students will “write” a book review or a short-paper assignment in a multimodal genre. And at times in a whimsical, yet nonetheless serious manner! Recently, the first-year students in RCID 801, Histories of Rhetorics, produced some brief works–three of which we spotlight here.

Instead of just expecting students on their own to produce work in these multimodal genres, we schedule first-year students to take RCID 805 (two sections), Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Technologies: one with Tharon Howard, another with Cynthia Haynes.


Two of the three students below chose to work with PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter while the third one chose to work in Photoshop +.

nichols.jpg – Randy D. Nichols
On Sitting Down to read the Nicomachean Ethics Once Again
PowerPoint to Presenter (audio)

wu.jpg – Wu Dan
PowerPoint to Presenter (audio)

andyhurley.jpg – Andrew Hurley
When in Greece…” On the Nicomachean Ethics
Graphic Comic of Andrew and Aristotle, made in Photoshop.

There’s some more on the way….



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